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2 years ago - Translate - Youtube

To get the best from employees, the HR team needs to be more human. show love, care and concern to your employees.

A simple gesture of sending them a personalized birthday and work anniversary mail can put a big smile on them and make the day of your employees.

Banks are known to be our loyal friends with Birthday SMS every year, how about receiving the same from your employer? It can make a huge connection and more impact than that of the bank.

In this edition of Microsoft PowerNight, I will be teaching the community how to leverage the low-code automation tool (Microsoft Power Automate) with SharePoint to automate employees' Birthday and Work Anniversary.

#automation #mspowernight #productivity #powerplatform #collaboration #theoyinbooke #mspowertool

2 years ago - Translate - Youtube

The Post COVID-19 Era will be characterized by increased digitization. Change Management related issues will be on the increase as well as the tech-support requests.

With a Chatbot on FAQs, an organization can help its employees with the needed information and have it accessible 24/7 at no additional cost to the organization.

Join us in this episode of Microsoft PowerNight as we learn how to build a chatbot within Microsoft Teams App.

#mspowernight #mspowertools #theoyinbooke #automation #productivity #collaboration

2 years ago - Translate - Youtube

The Post COVID-19 Era is characterized by increased digitization. Regular employee check-In in the morning and check-out activities in the evening will also be digitized.

This session will involve building a functional Powerapps application using Microsoft Teams Dataverse.

Join us as Tunde Akande (A veteran Power Apps Developer) guides us through this journey.

#powerapps​ #powerautomate​ #powerplatform​ #msteams​ #mspowernight

2 years ago - Translate - Youtube

In this age where the internet is saturated with so much information, skill acquisition is becoming challenging due to information overload.

The challenge is no longer access to resources but how to translate the information to skill.

Learning Microsoft Power Platform can be challenging if you don't know how to translate the knowledge to skill.

In this episode of Microsoft PowerDiscuss, I will be discussing challenges to learning and practical ways to learn a skill with Arinze Onyeasigbulem

#mspowertools​ #powerplatform​ #powerautomate​ #learning​ #skills​ #automation

It's tonight.

Another opportunity to learn and update your automation skill.

#mspowernight #mspowertools #automation #innovation #productivity #powerapps #powerplatform #powerautomate


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