2 years ago

An Austria team which is attending our program wants to put money in Tekedia Mini-MBA members; the quality of our program has brought this confidence. The instruction is “Tekedia Mini-MBA Edition 4 cohorts. The offer is up to the total sum of US$25,000…” A German Fintech investment group is also onboard.

If you are attending our program, share with Tekedia Hub Admin in the Hub your mission. Many innovators like Symplifix accessed capital via our program last year and some have gone to raise further funds.

Our focus remains education and school.tekedia.com remains exclusively for academic learning. So, everything about mentoring, career, investing, etc will happen in the hub.tekedia.com.

The vision we have for the Hub is to make it easier for our members to find mentors, connect with builders and investors, find business partners, link with the world, etc. So, expect career support, mentoring support, resume review support, etc in coming weeks as we continue to execute the playbook. We see a modern "school".

Let’s co-share, co-learn and advance our communities at Tekedia Institute.