Tekedia Mini-MBA edition 6 graduates, Your Certificates Are Now Ready
Congratulations, Tekedia Institute Mini-MBA edition 6 graduates. This is just to update that all the certificates are now ready. Admin has started sending them out this morning. You will get a link, follow the instructions. As always, every certificate issued by our Institute is auto-verifiable here using the unique code on the certificate.

Celebrate your achievement and let the world know that you are alumni of our amazing Institution. Update your LinkedIn profile as follows:

Go to Education section in your LinkedIn profile:
School: Tekedia Institute
Degree: Mini-MBA
Field of Study: Business Administration Management, General
And most importantly, the real value of Tekedia Mini-MBA is in the application. WIN in the markets and advance the wealth in communities. Thanks for co-learning with us.

We expect you back soon; more programs have been added including the highly popular Tekedia Startup Masterclass here