Startup Masterclass: from startup to unicorn | Immediate Access


Tekedia Startup Masterclass: from Start-Up to Unicorn is designed to help founders, entrepreneurs, and those generally working in the startup ecosystems, to master the mechanics of building category-king startups. The program runs for 8 weeks. Besides some pre-recorded courses for the 8 weeks, the program includes an hour-long one-on-one live Zoom session every week, per participant, with Tekedia Institute’s Lead Faculty, Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe. The full curriculum is below this page.

Participants can enroll and begin anytime. In other words, there is no specific start date as it is customized for the learner via the one-on-one live Zoom sessions. If you pay today, you will begin  immediately.

Fees and Payment Options

Cost: $400 or N200,000 naira per participant.


Curriculum for Startup Masterclass

Week Topic (offers Weekly Zoom* or when needed)
1 The Mission of Startups

  • The Mission of Startups
  • Starting a business: key legal and IP components
  • Empires on Tech and Vision of Venture Investing
  • Private Zoom Session
2 The Gameplays of Great Startups

  • The Gameplays of Great Startups
  • Building the first version of your product
  • The Mechanics of Minimum Viable Product and Product Development
  • Private Zoom Session
3 The Greatest Modern Business Models

  • Business Vision, Mission, and Strategy
  • The Greatest Modern Business Models
  • How to Digitally Transform Enterprises
  • Private Zoom Session
4 Blitzscaling and Massive Growth

  • The Pursuit of Massive Business Growth
  • First-Scaler Advantage and Growth Marketing
  • How to Grow A Business With Corporate Partnership
  • Private Zoom Session
5 The Physics of Fundraising and Valuation 

  • Fundraising for Startups and New Businesses
  • Raising Money, Global Accelerators like YC & Techstars
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Fundraising
  • Valuation and Re-domiciliation (Delaware State)
  • Financial Modeling and Business Valuation
  • Understanding Equity Dilution
  • Private Zoom Session
6 Revenue, Customer and Profit

  • Making Money – Pricing, Revenue and Profit
  • The Economics of Digital Platforms
  • The NEP Framework – Discovering and Listening to Customers
  • Customer Validation and Building for What Customers Really Want
  • Private Zoom Session
7 Project Management, Mastering Africa and Competition

  • The Africa Ecosystems, Opportunities & Competition
  • Case: Building Great Digital Products
  • Effective Project Management
  • Private Zoom Session
8 Market, Intense Leadership and Co-founder

  • Managing A Startup, Leading with High Intensity
  • Knowing and Defining Your Market
  • Navigating Business Growth Phases
  • Finding The Right Co-founder
  • How To Launch A New Company, Product, Subsidiary
  • 25 Startup Innovation Cases (10 Africa, 5 USA, 5 India, 5 China)
  • Private Zoom Session
Extra Sample Documents and Financial Model TemplatesAvailable Downloads:

  • Sample business concept note/investment brief example.
  • Sample Founders’ Agreement
  • Sample Equity Transfer Agreement
  • Sample one-page business brief
  • Sample SAFE document
  • Download sample pitch decks of some popular startups

*The Zoom sessions must be completed within 12 months

Certificate Awarded

A sample certificate which is awarded after completion.

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