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Greetings and welcome to Tekedia Hub for Affiliates and Resellers, an ecosystem where people and organizations work and earn, for promoting and closing sales on Tekedia products and services. Simply, your social media accounts, email contacts, etc can bring needed incomes and revenues via commissions.

First Time Login: 

Option 1: If we provided a password in our email

We have approved the email you are receiving this message. Use this temporary password 

{included in our email}

to login here  with your email address.

(Once logged in, you can change your password on the menu PROFILE/Change Your Password menu. )

Option 2: We provided a password reset link to get your password

Click , put your email; a link will arrive in your email, click it and another email will deliver your password. Use the password and email to login into your account here .

Bank Account Payout Setting

When logged in, go to PROFILE/Payout Details menu and provide your bank account (Nigerian Naira) or put your PayPal ID if not in Nigeria.

Generating Affiliate Links

To get your affiliate details, go to  MARKETING/Affiliate Links menu, you will see your tracking code. When you share the Default Affiliate Link, any purchase via that link will be recorded for you. The Tracking Code is the same as your username which is generated by the system. Notice that the Tracking Code is part of the Default Affiliate Link.

But let us assume that you do not like the tracking code which the system has generated for you, you can easily change it via Custom Slug. There you can pick any available slug you want (via PROFILE/Your Affiliate Slug and save the change). It does exactly the same thing the Default Affiliate Link does.

But if you want to get users to a targeted product, you need to  generate a link for that. On the same Affiliate Links, if you have created a Campaign to organize your links (e.g. May campaign, Weekend campaign, Facebook campaign, Alumni campaign, etc), select it. On Friendly Links, the default and friendly refer to the default/username and custom slug as noted above; pick one. The Reference Type also refers to the default and custom slug; pick one. On the Specific Website page, copy and paste the product like (e.g. ). Generate the link and share on your social media, email network, etc. 

Support Video

This video explains how Affiliates can use this website.


If you have any questions, let us know.

Tekedia Hub for Affiliate Team

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